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Powering the #PeopleFirst Economy

Proliant is a privately held, all-in-one, cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software provider that partners with BerniePortal to offer payroll integration. Proliant serves a variety of industries without overlooking the unique needs of each client. To get started or to learn more, visit

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The Premier Health Insurance Administrator

Benecon offers the superior self-funding solution for employers nationwide through the VERIS Consortium. Powered by Benecon's expertise in self-funding, it's a game changer for Employee Benefits Consultants looking to stand out from the competition and provide their clients a real solution for transparency, value and stability.

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Looking out for those you look after.

The Guardian Life Insurance Company is one of the largest mutual life
insurers in America with $7.4 billion in capital and $1.5 billion in operating
income (before taxes and dividends to policyholders) in 2016. Guardian's firm
commitment to mutuality and financial strength has made us a Fortune 250
company, uniquely positioning us to focus on the needs of our customers and
their long-term interests first.

Reimagining Benefits

New Benefits has been disrupting the benefits marketplace since 1990 with innovative products, cutting-edge technology, and first-class service. As the leading wholesaler of benefits that are not insurance, we aggregate the most sought-after healthcare and lifestyle solutions for over 4,000 groups and millions of members.

We have created several benefit bundles to address the evolving needs of employers wanting to improve their current core benefit plans as well as offering new and innovative voluntary benefits to their full and part-time employees.

Benefit bundles such as behavioral health, telemedicine, advocacy, pet care, financial wellness, instant pay benefits and ID-Theft of a few of the more popular bundles. Full benefit customization is available for employer paid groups.


Better benefits at work

At Unum, we help millions of employees protect their families, their finances and their futures. Comprehensive coverages, superior technology and unparalleled support — delivered where and when it’s needed most.

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Making a difference because we care

The 5Star Life Insurance Company (5Star Life) has a proud and unique heritage as a related enterprise of the Armed Forces Benefit Association (AFBA). You can be assured of our financial stability and know we will be here to keep our promise and pay claims when the time comes. Our corporate strategy focuses on ensuring measured, profitable growth that enables us to
be sustainable over the long term.