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Whether you're a Broker or an HR Party of One, attending virtually or in-person, Weekdays with Bernie offers something for you.

DAY 1: Wednesday, June 22

7:30–8:30 a.m. CDT

Conference Check-In (Pre-Conference Registrants Only) | Prefunction Area

8:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. CDT

BerniePortal Training (Pre-Conference Registrants Only) | Ryman 1 & 2

4–6 p.m. CDT

All-Conference Check-In (HR and Brokers) | Prefunction Area

6–8 p.m. CDT

Welcome Reception | Ryman Terrace (In the case of poor weather, join us in the Front Atrium)

DAY 2: Thursday, June 23

7:30–8:30 a.m. CDT

Conference Check-In / Breakfast | Prefunction Area / Armstrong

8:30–9 a.m. CDT

Opening Remarks | Alex Tolbert, BerniePortal Boone/Crockett

9–10:30 a.m. CDT

Keynote Speaker | Heather Younger: Seize the Opportunity: Reimagining a Better Workplace in a Post-Covid-19 WorldBoone/Crockett

We can reimagine a better workplace. In this empowering, interactive, and hope-filled keynote address, Heather will inspire you by providing a roadmap for navigating change with agility, confidence, resilience, and a positive outlook. This program is perfect for leaders who are powering through tough times, preparing those they lead for future challenges, and equipping their organization for long-term success. You will leave with an effective framework for resilience, a high-level roadmap for success in uncertain times, and a clear path to a more creative and innovative workplace.

10:30–11 a.m. CDT

Exhibitor Visits (Break) | Prefunction Area

11 a.m.–Noon CDT

Bernie Breakouts (Happening Simultaneously):

  • Breakout Session Speaker | BerniePortal Broker Council: How to Start Employers off Right on BerniePortal | Ryman 1

In this panel session, members of BerniePortal’s Broker Council will share their experience with getting employers up and running on BerniePortal’s HRIS. Their professional insight will help you make the most of tech adoption and onboarding new employer clients. This session will also feature practical tips and best practices.

  •  Breakout Session Speaker | Anthony Vaughan: Development of Leaders from a DEI Perspective and Holding them Accountable | Ryman 2 

This session will cover how to establish accountability structures with managers and main leaders after Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training. You’ll also learn the three main DEI responsibilities of every leader and how to include DEI into leadership rubrics and recruiting efforts.

  • Breakout Session Speaker | Alexus Gibson and Andrew La Haie: Getting the Most Out of Your HRIS | Ryman 3

This session will cover how to evaluate the key aspects of a human resources information system and determine what are the  most important factors in choosing the right HRIS for your organization. You’ll also learn how the right HRIS can lead to a more engaged and accountable workforce and how a robust all-in-one system can help with compliance, organization, and efficiency.

Noon–1 p.m. CDT

Lunch | Armstrong

1–2:30 p.m. CDT

General Session Speaker | Andrew Mellen: Calling BS on Busy Boone/Crockett

Time management is a lie: You can only manage yourself in relation to time. In this general session, Andrew will challenge you to rethink the excuse of being too “busy” as an explanation for unhappiness or a lack of productivity. By addressing head-on the 8 Deadly Time Thieves™—interruptions, overcommitting, poor planning, multitasking, email, social media, meetings, and procrastination—you can gain an hour or more every day for the rest of your life. You’ll also learn how to disrupt the narrative of “busy”—along with the guilt, regret, avoidance and other stories that stack up around poor time management—how to leverage core values to make consistent high-impact decisions every day, and how to shift your organization’s culture before burnout wreaks havoc and costs skyrocket.


2:30–3:30 p.m. CDT

Bernie Breakouts (Happening Simultaneously):

  • Breakout Session Speaker | Brian Tolbert: Rethinking Healthcare Financing: From Fully-Insured to Self-Funded | Ryman 1

This session will cover why brokers should help employers reevaluate how they finance healthcare, moving from fully-insured to self-insured. The ACA's Medical Loss Ratio requirement has done nothing to lower the cost of healthcare for employers, but rather guaranteeing insurer profits. Self-funded vendors have an opportunity to grow their business by moving downstream—as long as they can provide solutions to overcoming the challenges small-to-midsize employers face around network, cash-flow, etc. Join Brian Tolbert as he shares how Bernard Benefits helps their employer clients evaluate some of these alternative financing solutions.

  • Breakout Session Speaker | Alex Tolbert: Meta-Planning for BerniePortal: What’s Next in Our Product Roadmap? | Ryman 2

BerniePortal Founder and CEO Alex Tolbert takes the lead with a meta-planning session focused on where the platform is headed next. In addition to a brainstorm that’s open to all participants, you’ll learn how to conduct your own meta-planning session for your brokerage or employer.

  • Breakout Session Speaker | Elisabeth Wallace and Sara Burns: Overcoming the Turnover Tsunami: How to Create a Company Culture that Retains Top Talent | Ryman 3

This session will cover how to be proactive in retaining top talent and preventing turnover in your organization. You'll learn practical strategies for understanding why employees leave using feedback, establishing a healthy and intentional environment using a Culture Guide, and building mutual trust and accountability using transparent workplace practices.

3:30–4 p.m. CDT

Exhibitor Visits (Break) | Prefunction Area

4–5:30 p.m. CDT

BerniePortal Keynote Speaker | Alex Tolbert: What's New with BerniePortal?Boone/Crockett

BerniePortal founder Alex Tolbert will share the platform and company’s latest updates, including new product and service level enhancements. Alex will give you a sneak peek into what new features BerniePortal is planning to launch in the next 12 months. You’ll also learn how the HR/Benefits/Payroll software industry has evolved in the last 12 months and what BerniePortal is hearing from HR about what they need most from their vendor partners—and what it means for you.

DAY 3: Friday, June 24

8–9 a.m. CDT

Breakfast | Armstrong


9–10:30 a.m. CDT

General Session Speaker | Larry Van Horn: The Evolving Role of the Employer in U.S. HealthcareBoone/Crockett

The healthcare landscape is constantly changing, and employers must be at the forefront. In this engaging session, expert healthcare researcher Larry Van Horn will explore how employers are changing their posture around health benefits and consider the economic trade offs between health benefits and compensation. You’ll also learn what employees value in healthcare services, how employees make tradeoffs in the presence of information, and what innovative solutions empower consumerism.

10:30–11 a.m. CDT

Exhibitor Visits (Break) | Prefunction Area

11 a.m.–Noon CDT

Bernie Breakouts (Happening Simultaneously):

  • Breakout Session Speaker | Matt Walker: How to leverage BerniePortal to make communicating eligibility easy | Ryman 1

This session will cover how BerniePortal can help make paper processes disappear, eliminating the need to track down information from employers and employees. BerniePortal utilizes BernieBIll, EDI, Alpine and payroll integrations to streamline the onboarding, enrollment, and reporting processes, not only for employers but for your agency, too.

  • Breakout Session Speaker | Katie Dwyer: Looking Ahead: What New Laws and Regulations Can SMBs Expect in 2022 and Beyond | Ryman 2

Employers have a lot on their plates, but few things are as consequential as compliance. In this panel session, you’ll learn more about new laws and regulation will go into effect this year, including a minimum wage increase for federal contractors, the DOL’s final rule on employer “tip credit,” changing FLSA salary threshold amounts, and the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act of 2021. This panel session will also cover anticipated government and court action, including state-level crackdowns on noncompetes, the ever-expanding group of protected classes, and employee monitoring.

  • Breakout Session Speaker | Trennie Williams: How to Use an ATS to Fill Open Positions | Ryman 3

​This session will cover how an applicant tracking system can organize and streamline your hiring process. You’ll also learn how to leave a candidate with an amazing first impression, be more responsive and always follow up, and evaluate future candidates and promotions for existing employees.

Noon–1 p.m. CDT

Lunch | Armstrong

1–2:30 p.m. CDT

General Session Speaker | Karin Hurt: Courageous Cultures: How to Build Team of Micro-Innovators, Problem Solvers, and Customer Advocates | Boone/Crockett

What would happen if every member of your team came to work focused on finding solutions and creating better results? Using groundbreaking new research in innovation and problem-solving, Karin will share what leaders like you are doing to build more creative and solutions-oriented teams. By exploring the root causes of FOSU—fear of speaking up—you’ll learn techniques to turn your team’s fears and frustration into innovation, how to navigate the elegant dance between clarity and curiosity, and practical tools to help your team discover micro-innovations and share best practices.

2:30–3:30 p.m. CDT

Bernie Breakouts (Happening Simultaneously):

  • Breakout Session Speaker | Ben Crownover: Breaking Down Career Paths and Compensation Levels at Your Brokerage | Ryman 1

As your brokerage grows, the career paths and compensation levels within it become more specialized. In this session, we’ll discuss how you can think about developing a compensation model for your team and how BerniePortal’s technology canensure smooth transitions from one role to the next.

  • Breakout Session Speaker | Alex Tolbert: Meta-Planning for BerniePortal: What's Next in Our Product Roadmap? | Ryman 2

BerniePortal Founder and CEO Alex Tolbert takes the lead with a meta-planning session focused on where the platform is headed next. In addition to a brainstorm that’s open to all participants, you’ll learn how to conduct your own meta-planning session for your brokerage or employer.