Breakout sessions at Weekdays with Bernie are designed to either share best practices or do a "deep dive" into a certain topic relevant either to BerniePortal or to new developments in healthcare.


Breakouts will occur concurrently and attendees will have their choice of session attendance.

10 Tips to Spend Less on Healthcare – Dr. Josh Luke

In this session, attendees will understand the shift in control from the hospital sector to the insurance sector, how the purchasing process is changing dramatically and that price is now often the key driver of purchasing decisions. Dr. Luke will also discuss how to identify internal champions, and that there are four key pillars impacting the purchasing decisions in hospitals and the key driver of purchasing decisions in each type of hospital. Attendees will learn the dynamics of the hospital board room, how non-profit hospital purchasing differs from for-profit hospitals, about the not-for-profit secret and about executive spending limits.

The Road to Meeting 1 – Sarah Weinstein

Tools & Best Practices to Grow Your Agency

In this day and age, small and mid-sized employers look to Google and other digital channels, like email and social media, to find the right agency for their business. This means that in order to both grow prospects and retain existing clients, agencies need to revolutionize the way they promote their value to the market. This session will help you grow your agency by teaching you how to generate leads, follow-up, and convert them by leveraging lead gen best practices and strategic marketing tools.

Expanding Beyond Benefits – Craft Hayes

Selling HR Technology and Services with Benefit Strategy

Have you ever felt like you could greatly help an employer save money on their health plan, but you can't get their attention because they are swamped in the day to day paperwork and management of the company. In this breakout we will cover how to use HR technology to help solve prospects transactional challenges to earn the trust (and time) to help employers with their strategic benefit and cost concerns. Highlights in this session include: 

  1. How to uncover the HR swamp and position yourself to bring a solution

  2. Start with benefit administration to introduce HRIS solutions

  3. How to apply Applicant Tracking and Onboarding to streamline HR

  4. Begin commoditizing payroll services to maximize your influence and lengthen your relationship

  5. Top selling points of other HRIS features

  6. Winning the BOR 

Guardian’s Supplemental Health Products and BerniePortal/BernieBill – Kyran Quackenbush of Guardian

Come learn how you can leverage Guardian’s portfolio of Supplemental Health Products under the BerniePortal/Guardian partnership. This will be a working session that will give you concrete strategies to grow your business!  The session will cover an overview of the available Guardian Worksite products and features, details of a unique underwriting offer designed exclusively for BerniePortal brokers, and perspectives from Bernard Health on how they are leveraging these products to enhance their clients’ benefits packages. We'll also have a discussion with a Guardian Sales Executive on how to effectively engage your firm’s Guardian Sales team and discuss best practices and recommendations about enrollment strategies from one of Guardian’s Worksite Product Practice Consultants.

“Who Moved My Cheese” – Lindsey Van Cleave

A Discussion on Change Management.

For most of our broker partners, BerniePortal was a big change to their current process for managing eligibility. We think it’s important to talk about different ways people approach change using the story “Who Moved My Cheese”. We'll help you identify your approach and discuss how this could impact your use of BerniePortal both in your agency and with your clients.

Meta-Planning for BerniePortal – Alex Tolbert

What’s next in BerniePortal’s product roadmap?

BerniePortal founder Alex Tolbert will lead two meta-planning sessions focused on choosing what’s next in the product roadmap for BerniePortal. The audience will participate in brainstorming areas for improvement or new features BerniePortal should add. You’ll have shared direct input into BerniePortal product roadmap, and also learn how to conduct a meta-planning session for your firm.

The Dynamic Between Sales and Service – Brian Tolbert

Some believe that organizations from all industries carry a tension between Sales and Service Departments. But how much tension is too much, and what can Benefit Agencies do in order to better align scope of responsibilities and compensation structures in order to alleviate some of the unnecessary friction without losing the motivation for revenue growth?

Financial Health & Wellbeing Supplemental Benefit Solutions –
Dan Ealy and John Howard of 5Star

The use of Supplemental Benefits to manage the financial risks of your clients and their employees.

Dan Ealy and John Howard of 5Star will discuss the growing need for supplemental benefits to meet both employer budgetary demands and the increasing financial risks employees face daily. 'Financial Health & Wellbeing Solution structuring' takes into consideration the use of insurance and non-insurance programs to deliver options for employers to consider to combat the ever-changing landscape of employee benefits. In this breakout we'll explore the following subjects:

1. Quick review of supplemental/worksite benefits

2. The importance of education relating to insurance products

3. Introducing a Health and Wellbeing journey

4. Supplemental Benefits and their impact on the Employer Benefit Program

5. The importance of a good claims experience

Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Millennials – Ryan McCostlin

How to channel CFOs when building benefits strategies.

Bernard Health has built a 70-person team, almost entirely made up of millennials. Ryan McCostlin, Bernard Health head of HR & host of YouTube series & Podcast, HR Party of 1 will discuss how Millennials differ from previous generations in important ways, and how you don't need an office full of ping pong tables, beer kegs, and participation trophies to find, retain, and get the most out of them.

Selling Benefits Virtually: – Brian Tolbert

How Bernard Benefits is prospecting and selling when face to face meetings aren't happening.

In the time of the unknown, businesses around the world are struggling with the disruption of the day-to-day. This is a new world for us, and we need to find new ways to better our marketing and sales efforts. Join us as Bernard Benefits Leader, Brian Tolbert, shares how his team is keeping calm and maintaining a strong pipeline during the outbreak. 


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